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Over the years, most companies who are looking to hire one or more employees would advertise their vacancies in magazines and newspapers, and more recently online using websites that host job listings. However, one of the trends that is being identified, much like a wider trend towards the use of video online, is that more companies are now using recruitment videos to get people interested in their vacancies. Some of these videos will be straightforward presentations and completed in-house, but there are also more professional videos being seen which really offer a polished finished product.

Where Do Recruitment Videos Beat Traditional Job Listings?

An industry with a competitive jobs market where companies are seeking the brightest and best applicants can be well served by recruitment videos, as the content is not only explaining the job but also selling the features of the company as a place to work. These in-demand applicants will be able to see more than just what the job entails, but also learn a little more about your company too in these videos. While recruitment videos are usually fairly short and concise, in most cases they will be accompanied by a more detailed written explanation of the role itself.

Are Recruitment Videos The Better Approach?

The key result of a recruitment process is to get a pool of good applicants wanting to fill your jobs, and the increased visibility of videos online has shown that recruitment videos will get more applicants than job listings alone. The research also indicates that a job advertisement is more likely to be shared by people with their friends and on social media if there is an accompanying video. Overall, some companies may want to double down and go for videos and job listings together, but recruitment videos certainly seem to have a role to play.

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