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Any professional working in the video production industry will tell you that the most common questions that they will receive are about the costs and timescales, and in truth the answer will depend on what the client is looking for. The huge majority of video production projects are designed to meet the client’s needs, and this can mean a huge variation in the actual work and production values expected in that project. A simple marketing campaign video that is being filmed on a tight budget may be completed for as little as $3,000, but equally the advertising videos for corporations could easily be over $500,000.

The Cost Factors In Producing Video Content

The overall goal and vision for the video will often be the main factor when it comes to the cost to produce. Budget videos which will only require one actor presenting information from static images can often be achieved without needing too much in terms of post-production, while those which have animation or graphics added to the video, or those needing several actors can cost quite a lot more. The only real way to get a genuine idea of the cost for what you are looking for is to prepare a brief for the video which should be as detailed as possible, and getting some quotes from video production companies.

When Can You Expect The Finished Product?

As with costs, the production time for a video will depend on the period of time required to actually film the content, along with the production work to finish off the video once filming has completed. The same truth applies to the time required, so the less production work and more simple the final product, the quicker you will be able to receive the finished video.