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There are many different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right format in which your video should be shot in, and the figures 2k and 4k relate to the relative resolution. There are still many television sets and monitors that use 1080p, which is the next step down in relation to resolution, but with more facilities for displaying higher resolution content, the lower resolution may impact where you can play your videos. There are also several other advantages that come with the higher resolutions.

What Are The Technical Differences Between The Two Formats?

The factual answer here is that a 2k resolution video will have 2,048 pixels by 1,536 pixels, while 4k resolution video will have 4,096 pixels by 3,072 pixels. The greater number of pixels on an equivalent screen means that the images in 4k are much sharper and more detailed, and will provide a greater depth of color in the overall images that are produced. When using a high quality display, the images will be noticeably better with a 4k video, but while the resolution is 4 times greater in 4k than in 2k, you won’t necessarily be able to identify that the picture is 4 times as good.

The Advantages Of Shooting Videos In Higher Resolution

One of the key advantages of shooting in higher resolutions is that it will to an extent future proof your content, as technology is constantly advancing, and 4k will be the standard for longer than 2k. Even when preparing video content to be presented in 2k, 1080p or even lower resolution, having the higher quality footage makes the editing and resolution reduction process much easier, and should still provide a more polished end result. While the equipment required to shoot 4k video is currently more expensive in most cases, generally it is best to shoot video in the highest resolution possible.