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When companies are looking to hire new staff, traditionally using job listing websites and physical media such as newspapers or periodicals have been the first place to go to advertise a job. However, with estimates indicating that the majority of internet traffic is now video content, then recruitment videos may be another way to get the best talent to join your company. Like any other video content this can be produced in-house, but outsourcing this work could really help you to give a professional image of your company to potential candidates for employment with your company.

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Recruitment Videos

Video recruitment productions can be particularly effective in competitive job markets, where you are not only telling people about the roles that you have available, but are also selling the benefits of working for your company to the most talented candidates. These videos can also give you the opportunity to tell potential candidates what makes your company stand out, to help you attract more of the most talented applicants. However, a video will not always give you the opportunity to list the criteria you have for the roles in detail, so you may still need a written job specification to accompany the video.

Which Option Is More Effective For Recruitment?

There are several reasons that video recruitment can help to make your recruitment more effective, and one factor is that it will result in more people knowing about your roles, as videos are much more likely to be shared. Statistics also show that a video recruitment advert also generally attracts more applicants, giving you a greater pool from which to choose the suitable applicants for the position. Job listings may still have a role in your recruitment strategy, but video recruitment certainly offers an attractive option for enhancing the quality of people applying for your roles.