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The traditional approach to finding new employees for a company would have been to advertise in newspapers and trade publications, and more recently placing adverts on job listing websites. This is something that has been changing over recent years, and a significant proportion of online use is actually for the watching and transmission of videos, with recruitment videos also becoming increasingly common. These can be very straightforward, and done in-house, but for those looking to get the most promising applicants then a professionally produced video can project an excellent image of your firm.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Job Videos

One of the really effective situations in which recruitment videos can be helpful is where there are often several companies looking for the best candidates, and the video promotes the company and it ethos, along with explaining the features of the role. In some ways, these videos are actually selling the company and the benefits of working for you to those very talented and in-demand candidates. One drawback with video is that because they will be edited to be concise, the video may still need to be supported by a written description of the role to inform the potential candidates of their suitability.

Are Recruitment Videos More Effective?

Getting a recruitment process that is more effective can certainly be boosted by recruitment videos, and the visibility of the roles being available can certainly be increased as there is evidence that shows that video is shared far more commonly than text content by people online. Research around roles that have been promoted with recruitment videos also shows that these roles will generally have a larger number of applicants. When it comes to your overall recruitment strategy, you may still feel the need to find a balance between video and job listings, but there is no doubt that recruitment videos should have a role to play.