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The appropriate format for filming video content is something that has changed many times over the years, and the resolution of 2k and 4k refers to the detail that can be shown with higher resolutions. The next step below 2k is 1080p and there are many displays that still use this resolution too, but as an increasing number of displays are able to offer higher resolution images such as 4k, filming in lower resolutions can impact the final results. It isn’t just the detail that improves with filming in higher resolutions either, with other benefits also available.

The Technical Variations Between 2k and 4k

At the heart of the difference between these resolutions is the number of pixels on the screen, with 4k being 4,096 by 3,072, while 2k resolution has pixels of 2,048 by 1,536 on display. With the 4k resolution displays having many more pixels, this gives benefits such as a better display of the true color that is being filmed, and also greater detail and sharpness in the images that are being displayed. The higher quality displays that can show 4k video will have a noticeably more detailed image, but it may not be twice as detailed as the 2k images that are played through the same display.

Why Should You Shoot Your Video In 4k Where Possible?

When we look back at old video content from even just a few years ago it can appear dated, so shooting in the higher resolution will help to give your video content a greater lifespan. Once the content if shot, it can always be reduced in resolution for other formats, but the higher quality footage gives you more flexibility when it comes to the different uses you can make with the footage. Naturally, the equipment needed to shoot in 4k costs more than lower quality equipment, but where it is an option it will always make sense to film in the highest resolution available.