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Developing a new video project for a company will usually involve planning what the purpose of the video content will be, and what the overall goal is when it comes to the use of that content. Video however is an exceptionally useful medium, and while the film may be used for the original purpose, it could also be repurposed for different uses too. When you are commissioning a video project, it is well worth discussing the options for using the video in different ways with the company that will be producing the video for you.

Television Video Content – Advertising for your company or products on TV is probably the most common objective when filming video for a traditional company, with the content tailored for this audience. When it comes to preparing the content, it will often require more investment if you are aiming for national network advertising as opposed to local and regional networks.

Video Hosting Websites – Many companies that have an archive of video content are increasingly trying to use these by having their own account on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and in general videos on these sites will be at a lower resolution. By having your account and videos on these sites, one marketing option will be to promote the videos for greater reach, while shorter and funny videos may also be shared to get a greater audience.

Company Social Media Accounts and Websites – Any company that has an online presence these days will also have their social accounts to interact with existing and potential customers, and those that do get a viral video can see huge benefits. Using video content for the company’s site or even internal web content can help to communicate with the audience and make those sites more engaging and informative to visitors.