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Over the years there have been many improvements in the equipment that films videos for better results, and in the context of filming video 2k and 4k is a reference to the resolution that a particular video is being filmed in. Not too long ago 1080p, which was also known as HD was the standard for filming, but 2k and 4k are both at a higher resolution again providing a better quality of image. More televisions and monitors are able to play higher resolution video, and this gives not only a higher quality picture, but also other benefits when it comes to what you can do with the content.

The Technical Specification Differences In 2k and 4k Video

The key aspect that makes the difference between 2k and 4k videos is the number of pixels that you will actually be able to see on the screen, and the 2k displays will have 2,048 horizontal by 1,536 vertical, with 4k having twice as many pixels on each axis. The large number of additional pixels in the 4k video means that the video will have a much better depth of color, while also having sharper and crisper images. To the human eye the improvement in the resolution should have a noticeable difference in the quality of the video, but it may not be exactly twice as good.

Does This Mean You Should Film In 4k?

To understand the difference that filming in higher resolution will have, look back at video content that may have been filmed a decade ago and see how dated it looks, which will show why filming in a higher resolution gives the content a longer life. Shooting film in 4k doesn’t mean it has to stay in that resolution, and it can be reduced in resolution to meet your requirements later on. While the costs of buying equipment for 4k filming can be a little higher, this will pay dividends once the content is complete.