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When most companies prepare to launch a new video project, there will usually be a firm plan as to what the video will be used for, and how it will help the company. However, as video is a really flexible format, it is often possible for one video production to be used in several different ways. If you can, taking time to discuss with your video production company can make sure your video production is ideal to be utilized in several different ways in different locations.

Television Advertising – Probably the most traditional location to run your video content, TV advertising can vary hugely depending on what you are advertising and the target audience. Advertising for national distribution will also often require much more investment to make it really stand out than if you are advertising to a more local or regional audience.

Online Video Hosting Sites – There are now many companies that will also publish their advertising to a YouTube or Vimeo account as well, and these videos will often be at a lower resolution so that they load quickly for users. If you’re planning to run your videos on these sites, you may want to consider promoting the videos to reach a wider audience, or looking for a short and snappy format that will attract more attention.

Social Media And Company Websites – Video content is very important to a company’s social media presence, and while it is very difficult to achieve, a viral video on a site like Twitter can totally transform a company’s prospects. Videos can also be used to enrich a company’s website, while they can also be a great way of communicating with staff, especially where the same message needs to be delivered to several different people.

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