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Having an overall idea of what you will be using the video content for is a key part of the planning phase as you prepare to produce video, and in most cases you will have a good idea of where you will be playing your content. It is important to remember though that you don’t just have to use the content in one way, as clever editing and small amendments could allow you to multiply the ways you can use that content. When you are preparing with the production company, it can be worth discussing how those small edits may be used further down the line to make the best use of the video.

Videos For Television Use – One of the most common reasons for commissioning a video project for a company is so that it can be used to advertise your company’s products or services on television. You may be able to tailor the budget if you are aiming for a smaller audience, as national network advertising is generally expected to have a higher production standard.

Video For Use On Video Hosting Sites – Video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo can offer a good place to host your video content, and this can be for archive videos as well as the content that is contemporary. One option once you upload videos us to pay to promote videos to gain a wider audience, while editing your content to be funnier or have a shorter runtime is also likely to help gain an audience.

Videos For Your Social Media And Company Website – Every business that operates some form of online presence will usually also have social media accounts, and the goal of getting a viral video is one that many companies strive for. Video content can also be used for internal and external company websites to engage with visitors to these sites and will help to make them a little more interesting.

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